Monday, May 7, 2007

Week 7, Day 4: 100% BONE HEALING!

Maeby had her X-rays taken on Saturday, and we received great news:


Yipppppeeeeeee! The vet said her knee is tight, and that she's healing faster than average. I'd been worrying about these x-rays all week long, so needless to say I was SUPER EXCITED to hear this news. We are to keep doing what we're doing, and continue to increase walks by 5 minutes each week. Then in 6-8 weeks, we go in our for final checkup.

Good girl Maeby :) Thank you for keeping mommy's gray hairs to a minimum.

Here's her weekly video. She's walking much much better here than she was last week!


Anonymous said...

yo, that is such good news, the kidd is happy and says it may be time to start a family.

Melissa said...

Awesome news Grace! So glad to hear it. Maeby is such a great dog and I love your story from the beginning! Casey is sending lots of licks her way!!!