Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week 12, Day 3: SAY CHEESE

I didn't take Maeby to Runyon Canyon with me this weekend. I just didn't want to push her too far. But the good news is that, we're back up to 55 minute walks now because her limping went away. WHEEEEEEEEW.

We did take her to Third Street Promenade though, and she had fun weaving in and out of the crowd of shoppers and tourists. And if we had any questions as to whether Maeby really is a Whippet mix, I think we got our answer today. We came across the sweetest Whippet named Moose, and when they played it was like Maeby was looking in a mirror. The same crazy play bowing, the same frenetic moves, the same circus dog twirling.. Actually, he was a lot better at the twirling than Maeby!

So I took Maeby to the pet store with me Mother's Day weekend last month, and there happened to be a photographer there doing pet portraits. I FINALLY just got the photos this weekend and I really liked some of them. The photographer referred to Maeby as being "soulful." Ain't she puuuuuuuuuurdy? :)