Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Week 8, Day 5: The Return of the Mall Dog

Alas, I've gone from daily updates to barely doing weekly updates on this blog. You know when you're scrutinizing the TPLO leg less and less that your doggie is starting to do better!!

Los Angeles is a really wacky, but dog friendly place. You can actually bring your dogs to the malls here. And I'm not talking about just outdoor malls. I'm talking about bringing your dog into Bloomies and trying on lipstick while your dog is laying next to your feet at the makeup counter.

So we used to bring Maeby EVERYWHERE with us on the weekends when we first got her. And it's been pretty rotten that we've had to leave her behind on the weekends when we go to the mall, coffee shops, or beach. But this past weekend marked Maeby's triumphant return to the mall! She loves all the attention she gets (and frankly, as a proud mommy so do i!!) so needless to say, she had a great time prancing around, showing of her new bionic leg. Heeeheee, I LOVE HER!!!

Week 8 video to come!