Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week 14: Video Update

I had an incredible stroke of luck in my professional life: I resigned at my last job and gave 2 weeks notice, only to have my (now former) employer tell me to take a 2 week paid vacation.

I don't know when the last time I had a paid vacation was! (Maybe never??) And this coincided PERFECTLY with Maeby's recovery process. I've been taking her hiking every other day, on slow jogs through the neighborhood, to dog beaches in LA. Maeby's leg is getting so much stronger, and I've been getting a nice tan!

You can see how well Maeby's walking now in our latest video -- she's just zipping down the sidewalk. And if you could see my face, you'd see a very happy and well-rested me.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Week 13, Day 4: These paws were made for hiking

Finally took Maeby to Runyon Canyon for her first hike ever!!

She stayed on leash the entire time, per vet's instructions. And we really didn't hike that much, maybe just 20 minutes. But she had such a good time!! I think the last time I saw her so happy was when we went to the beach and she dug to China.

I was worried that she'd be limping later in the day, but she never did. I think her 2 hours of walking everyday has helped tremendously. Again, I can't stress how important it is to increase walks GRADUALLY, and CONTINUOUSLY!

Can you find Maeby in the sea of doggies?

Running on leash!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Week 13, Day 1: OUR LAST CHECKUP!!!!!

So the end is FINALLY near!

The vet told me to bring Maeby back 6-8 weeks after her 7 week x-rays. I was going to bring her back next week at 14 weeks but because she was 100% healed at her 7 week check up, I was able to get an appointment today.

The great news is that Dr. Owen was EXTREMELY pleased with Maeby's progress. She didn't tell me this before, but she was a little worried at how the surgery would turn out because of all the orthopedic problems Maeby has in her hips and pelvis. (We think she may have been run over by a car in Mexico, where she was rescued from). So Dr. Owen thought that she might still walk a little funny. But she doesn't! Maeby looks great!

So Maeby is now freeeeeeeeee! Well, not ENTIRELY free. Dr. Owen said we shouldn't introduce her to high energy acvitivity immediately, but gradually introduce her to it. She's allowed to run on her leash, go hiking, and do all those kinds of things, as long as they're on leash. Over the next 3 weeks, I'm to keep increasing high energy activity and then she can be off leash and REALLY be free!

Wow. I can't believe it's almost over. I'm really really happy this all went by so fast. Back in March, June seemed light years away. Gosh, it's already mid June!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week 12, Day 3: SAY CHEESE

I didn't take Maeby to Runyon Canyon with me this weekend. I just didn't want to push her too far. But the good news is that, we're back up to 55 minute walks now because her limping went away. WHEEEEEEEEW.

We did take her to Third Street Promenade though, and she had fun weaving in and out of the crowd of shoppers and tourists. And if we had any questions as to whether Maeby really is a Whippet mix, I think we got our answer today. We came across the sweetest Whippet named Moose, and when they played it was like Maeby was looking in a mirror. The same crazy play bowing, the same frenetic moves, the same circus dog twirling.. Actually, he was a lot better at the twirling than Maeby!

So I took Maeby to the pet store with me Mother's Day weekend last month, and there happened to be a photographer there doing pet portraits. I FINALLY just got the photos this weekend and I really liked some of them. The photographer referred to Maeby as being "soulful." Ain't she puuuuuuuuuurdy? :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Week 12

Hello hello, we've reached Week 12! 2 more weeks and I can take Maeby in for her FINAL CHECK UP!!!!

I think Maeby's limp is nearly gone. I decreased her walks and have been helping her get on the couch/bed, so I think she's doing better. We did a lot of walking on Sunday -- I took her to the Dog beach at Long beach so maybe that's why this happened? She didn't do any running around but maybe it was just too much walkign for her. I was planning on taking Maeby for a slow walk at Runyon Canyon this weekend, but maybe not...

I have a Week 11 video I still need to post. Man keeping up with this blog is getting HARD!



Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Week 11, Day 5: Limping

Maeby's walking has been looking really great these past few weeks. That weird rotating in her knee I kept blogging about since april was like 99% gone. Her slow trot was looking awesome. And she's up to 50 minute walks as of last Thursday.

This morning, I noticed her limping. It was very slight, and I thought it was because her leg was stiff from sleeping. But on our evening walk, I definitely noticed the slight limp so I cut our walk in half.

Now I'm starting to worry. I nearly forgot how sick to my stomach I get when I see any limping or change in Maeby's gait. I haven't had this feeling for WEEKS! I'm hoping it was a case of too much walking or something, but I haven't increased any walking since Thursday.

Of course, my mind jumps to worst case scenarios. I think about Guzzy on the orthodogs list, who was healing great until he started limping and was diagnosed with tendonitis at week 12. Or Nixie who had to get her plate and screws removed 4 months post-TPLO.

I need to stop driving myself crazy and get some sleep.