Friday, June 15, 2007

Week 13, Day 1: OUR LAST CHECKUP!!!!!

So the end is FINALLY near!

The vet told me to bring Maeby back 6-8 weeks after her 7 week x-rays. I was going to bring her back next week at 14 weeks but because she was 100% healed at her 7 week check up, I was able to get an appointment today.

The great news is that Dr. Owen was EXTREMELY pleased with Maeby's progress. She didn't tell me this before, but she was a little worried at how the surgery would turn out because of all the orthopedic problems Maeby has in her hips and pelvis. (We think she may have been run over by a car in Mexico, where she was rescued from). So Dr. Owen thought that she might still walk a little funny. But she doesn't! Maeby looks great!

So Maeby is now freeeeeeeeee! Well, not ENTIRELY free. Dr. Owen said we shouldn't introduce her to high energy acvitivity immediately, but gradually introduce her to it. She's allowed to run on her leash, go hiking, and do all those kinds of things, as long as they're on leash. Over the next 3 weeks, I'm to keep increasing high energy activity and then she can be off leash and REALLY be free!

Wow. I can't believe it's almost over. I'm really really happy this all went by so fast. Back in March, June seemed light years away. Gosh, it's already mid June!!