Saturday, March 17, 2007

Under house arrest...

...and freaking myself out because I don't have anything else to do besides stare at Maeby sleeping peacefully and read about TPLO's gone horribly wrong.

God, I hope Maeby comes out of this okay. And I hope she'll stay healthy in the long run...

She's still doing really well. The BF and I think maybe she's pretty tolerant to discomfort and pain, due to her pelvic/hip injuries. I suppose a surgery (albiet very invasive one!) treated with opiates and painkillers is nothing compared to running around Mexico after being hit by a car (so we think). My poor Maeby. She's such a trooper. Her happy happy spirit, despite everything she's currently going through (and been through!) really touches my heart. I hope she understands how deeply Vin and I love her.


Post-op Day 2

The Pink Stump in all it's glory

We made it through our first night post-op.

The BF and I kept waking up every few hours, because everytime Maeby shifted positions in her ex-pen she would groan. I gave her some flower remedies and belly rubs throughout the night and eventually took her out for her walk at 6AM.

Her appetite definitely has NOT gone away! She's been gobbling up her food like a madwoman. Ground turkey, brown rice, grated carrots, fresh apple bits, some yogurt... sounds so gourmet!

She's doing much better going up and down the 15 steps to my apartment. THOSE DAMN 15 steps! Maeby's life (and mine) would be so much easier right now if we didn't have any stairs. It's just so unfortunate. We got her one of those fleece lined belly slings to support her weight. Yesterday, she cried out anytime excess weight was put on The Pink Stump. This morning, she's definitely gotten the hang of things. I know things are only going to keep getting better.

Thankfully, she's doing really well and I have the support of the orthodogs Yahoo group. Because NOBODY CAME TO TALK TO ME OR GIVE ME INSTRUCTIONS when they released Maeby yesterday. The receptionist said TM (Maeby's vet tech) was in a procedure and would call me later to see how she was doing. Now, nearly 24 hours later, i have yet to receive a phone call. I can't help but feel so incredibly disappointed in this. It's like they just don't care or something. Which is so weird, because prior to the surgery TM was SO helpful and good at answering any of my questions or calling me back. It surprises me so much that she would be so negligent at this point.

Like I said, thank God Maeby is doing fine. I truly believe all the flower and homeopathic remedies are helping her along.