Thursday, March 29, 2007

Week 2

We've officially reached 2 weeks, post-TPLO. HUZZAH!

Time has really flown by. It will soon be 3 months since the boyfriend and I found our sweet Maeby at that Petco adoption fair. And it will be just another short 3.5 months when Maeby can run free like the crazy Whippet girl she is!

Her incision looks SO GOOD TODAY. I'd say, 100% healed. The difference between Monday's photo and today's photo -- just 3 days -- is AMAZING! Those holistic vets weren't kidding when they said a combo of vitamins C + E promotes "speed healing."

Her walking is looking good. I know she's feeling better because she keeps trying to spin and jump around. This is when her ugly ass harness is really coming in handy.

today's photo is brought to you by the letters C and E

in case you forgot how horrible her poor leg looked just 3 days ago