Friday, April 6, 2007

Week 3, Day 1: Good Friday Indeed!

Maeby always hobbles and holds up her leg about 85% of the time on her morning walks. Probably because she doesn't have any Rimadyl in her system after a good night's sleep.

This morning she started using her leg immediately, and kept using it throughout her entire walk -- zero Rimadyl and all! She is also weight bearing slightly on her stifle when she's getting up from the sit position. HUZZAH!

She was also unusually frisky this morning. She kept trying to run, flip, and spin in the house after her walk. I've been adding some rare stew beef to her food -- she had her 3rd meal with that today. I wonder if that's helping in her healing process??

The top part of her scar is now completely flat and un-red. (Yes I make up words as I see fit!). The bottom part, the part that was getting slightly puffy, is going down too. I hope it stays that way. There are no pictures, because Maeby has grown to HATE me taking pictures of her scar. I don't want to make her completely camera phobic, because after blogging about Maeby, my next favorite activity is taking pictures of her.

Below are some of my favorite pre-surgery pictures of Maeby and her best friend Bailey. I call the series "Help me, he's taken all my toys."