Saturday, March 31, 2007

Week 2, Day 2: Snail Saturday

Look what I saw this morning on my walk with Maeby:

Considering how many countries and customs there are in the universe, there has to be a place SOMEWHERE that says snails are a sign of good luck.

So I decided to take this as a good sign of good things to come.

And then Maeby started walking so well on her leg! So thanks Mister Good Luck Snail. I'm glad I moved you off the sidewalk so nobody would step on you.

Her left leg is still a little "bow legged." But it looks a little less so than usual. Also, her knee looked really "wobbly" for awhile when she walked on it. And today it looked less so than usual too. So yaaaaaaay Maeby! Here's to seeing more snails on our walks.