Thursday, April 12, 2007

Week 4: Progress is a battlefield

Oh boy.

As usual, Maeby's progress is a roller coaster ride.

Today is the third day she's been on Yucca Intensive instead of Rimadyl. She's been doing great the last few days. And this morning was her first 15 minute walk, which I thought went well.

Well I came home this evening to find her completely holding up her leg/limping around. I have no idea what happened. Here are some likely scenarios:

(A) The walk this morning was too long for her
(B) The Yucca Intensive isn't strong enough for her
(C) She was jumping around and playing in the ex-pen
(D) Something happened when she was attacked and it's just manifesting itself now
(E) There are problems going on inside??

Another possibility is that she was jumping around because there were severe windstorms going on in town today, and I left the sliding doors open. Maaaaybe she got freaked out from all the commotion? *sigh* I don't know. It's another wait and see situation I guess.

I hate worrying. It makes me feel so sad and sick. I know there are others out there in far more worrisome situations. Others whose dogs are battling deadly infections, and oozing sores and other sad things. And here I am worrying because Maeby suddenly started limping. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!

I checked her scar, and the bottom is still pretty puffy. When is it going to go away?


9PM: She's still limping and holding up her leg pretty bad. I have a bad feeling in my stomach about this. I hope it's not a fracture or something...

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