Wednesday, March 14, 2007

tomorrow is maeby's big day.

Maeby loves the park

i'm scared out of my mind. this is a pretty crazy surgery -- bone sawing, metal plates, screws.

so please keep maeby, vin and i in your thoughts tomorrow. i really hope everything is textbook and goes smoothly.

i know some people think i'm completely crazy for doing all this. others tell me they don't think they'd be able to go through it. but you know what? i believe in my heart you would or could if in my situation.

since the moment vin and i found maeby, she instantly bonded with us and trusted us. the weekend we adopted her, people we ran into at the park marveled at how happy and comfortable she was with us, and were surprised to learn that we only had Maeby for 1 day. she came into our lives so that we could take care of her, not so that we could abandon her because she needs medical attention.

maeby is the dog i've wanted my entire life, but never had. she's so smart, obedient, and sweet. her personality can light up a room. she deserves such a good life, and i hope this surgery can allow her to have one.

anyways, thank you everyone for being so incredibly supportive. the most amazing thing is that many of those who have been so empathetic arent even animal lovers!!! it just goes to show that we are surrounded by really good people.

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