Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Week 11, Day 5: Limping

Maeby's walking has been looking really great these past few weeks. That weird rotating in her knee I kept blogging about since april was like 99% gone. Her slow trot was looking awesome. And she's up to 50 minute walks as of last Thursday.

This morning, I noticed her limping. It was very slight, and I thought it was because her leg was stiff from sleeping. But on our evening walk, I definitely noticed the slight limp so I cut our walk in half.

Now I'm starting to worry. I nearly forgot how sick to my stomach I get when I see any limping or change in Maeby's gait. I haven't had this feeling for WEEKS! I'm hoping it was a case of too much walking or something, but I haven't increased any walking since Thursday.

Of course, my mind jumps to worst case scenarios. I think about Guzzy on the orthodogs list, who was healing great until he started limping and was diagnosed with tendonitis at week 12. Or Nixie who had to get her plate and screws removed 4 months post-TPLO.

I need to stop driving myself crazy and get some sleep.


Zeus said...

Oh No :( I hope a few days rest will make her feel better! When she's limping like that do you give her any Metacam? I can imagine the stress you must be going through!!

Grace & Maeby said...

Hi Karlee! I have Rimadyl (Carprofen) for Maeby, but I didn't give her any this time. Her limping was not *THAT SERIOUS* but was definitely change in gait, since her walking was perfect before. We had a limping scare before, and I didn't give her any then either. I think in general I'm very wary of NSAIDS and only would give them if I felt I ABSOLUTELY had to!