Thursday, May 17, 2007

Week 9

Happy Week 9 to you,
Happy Week 9 to you,
Happy Week 9 dear Maaaaaaaaaeeeeby,
Happy Week 9 to you!

In case you didn't realize, we've reached 9 weeks. =)

I'm so bummed -- I got so busy this past week that I didn't take a Week 8 video!! Darn it. There goes my TPLO video collection.

Maeby is doing well! Her hair has almost completely grown back. Her walking is looking great -- we're doing two 40 minute walks a day now. And that weird knee-rotating thing is like 90% gone! She's still sort of sticking her leg out a bit when she walks, but it's waaaay better than before. I think if you saw her on the street, you'd have no idea she had major surgery. Most people sure are surprised when I tell them!

Thank you God for getting us this far. We're almost there Maeby-meister!

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Anonymous said...

pictures and videos please!