Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Week 2, Day 6

Took Maeby to the vet for the 3rd time in 3 weeks!!

Surgeon says Maeby is most likely reacting to her internal sutures. Considering she reacted to her staples, that doesn't surprise me. If the redness and puffiness continues to get worse in the next 2 days, I am to pick up an antibiotic prescription to keep any infection from breaking to the surface. The redness/puffiness was looking the worst on Sunday, so I'm hoping that we've passed the worst and that we won't need to put her on any more meds.

The great news is that she says Maeby has great range of motion! She still feels a little pain in her stifle, but otherwise is doing great. Last week, a vet tech had told me to start her on 5 minute walks, increasing by 5 minutes each week. That sounded INSANE to me. But Surgeon said that is correct, and that I'm to start her on 10 minute walks, 2 times a day. By the time I see her again in 3-5 weeks, she should be up to 30 minutes. WOW!

By the way, taking photos of her incision has been so helpful. Sometimes the changes are so freakin subtle, if I didn't have pictures I would think my eyes were playingt tricks on me. I showed Surgeon Maeby's photo from Sunday (the bad, puffy photo) and she could see how much she's improved since then. So if your dog will let you (Maeby is starting to get REALLY SICK AND TIRED OF IT!) I highly recommend taking photos.

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